The Podcast

22-10-20: Tories turn blind eye to hungry children

19-10-20: Poots put the Boot in

7-10-20: Wussolini, NPHET & More Tory Incompetence

8-8-20: Sophie Blaney on Abortion and Northern Irish Law

16-8-20: Adam Hallissey on the importance of Centrism

7-8-20: Trump is running the Anti-Trump campaign, and doing it brilliantly

1-8-20: Áine O’Neill on FF & The Seanad

23-7-20: Northern Ireland’s Return to Tribal Politics

16-7-20: Greatest Political Put-downs

4-7-20: Art O’Mahony on FFG dynamic

24-6-20: Biden’s Running mate

9-6-20: Luc O’Leary on Transphobia

24-5-20: Doomsday for Dom?

22-5-20: Student Activism with Jess Dalton.

19-5-20: Chris Hazzard MP – An extended interview.

14-5-20: In conversation with Conor McArdle of Young Fine Gael

7-5-20: Tadhg MacCionnnaith on Anarchism

1-5-20: Talking Communism with Jos’s McGookin

26-4-20: Donald Duck’s new Bleach

25-4-20: Dominic Cummings and SAGE

17-4-20: Labour under Keir Starmer and a reflection of Jeremy Corbyn’s time as leader.

12-4-20: Bernie’s withdrawal, Biden’s chances and postal votes in the U.S presidential election.

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