Are your shelves half full or half empty?

As I dandered around my local supermarket this evening I couldn’t help but notice how starkly contrasted an experience it is now compared to this time last year. The sanitiser, the social distancing, the perspex screens and the masks. A year ago, such imagery would have been the work of a dystopian fiction, and toContinue reading “Are your shelves half full or half empty?”

Tell your friend there with you, she’ll have to go.

At the best of times, Northern Ireland isn’t exactly “well served” when it comes to our executive. The two largest parties of the DUP and SF have such staggering levels of incompetence and ignorance entrenched within them, that many of us from here frequently offer the eye roll, throw the arms up in the air,Continue reading “Tell your friend there with you, she’ll have to go.”

Democratic U-turn Party

This pandemic has been a right rollercoaster for the NI Executive. No doubt, it’s not been an easy ride for any government or legislature across the world to face such a novel and unprecedented foe. But here in NI, the folks on the hill have of course to add to this test the burden ofContinue reading “Democratic U-turn Party”

“Extra-large cone, rum and raisin, extra sprinkles, 2 flakes – hold the mask there love”

“You can’t eat when you’re muzzled!” Apparently DUP MP Sammy Wilson cannot fathom the possibility of eating an ice cream outside. This revelation arrives in the latest instalment of Sammy’s tirade against the public health advice to wear facemasks when indoors. I’ll admit, it’s never easy to follow the East Antrim MP’s train of thoughtContinue reading ““Extra-large cone, rum and raisin, extra sprinkles, 2 flakes – hold the mask there love””

UUP still dosed with Trimble-itis.

David Trimble is a great man. A giant of Northern Irish politics. People my age stand on the shoulders of the peace process himself and John Hume built for us and future generations. In fact, both men’s efforts were recognised with a “Nobel Peace Prize” in 1998 following the Good Friday Agreement, a true testamentContinue reading “UUP still dosed with Trimble-itis.”

Is the NHS the last line of defence against Irish unity?

There is a hell of a lot that divides Northern Ireland. Rangers vs Celtic, the way we pronounce “H”, where you went to school, Paddy’s vs the 12th, Falls vs the Shankill, where you keep your toaster, rugby vs GAA, QUB vs UUJ, holidays in Portrush vs a trip to Carlingford, ministers who can getContinue reading “Is the NHS the last line of defence against Irish unity?”

It won’t be worn in Derry, Aughrim, Enniskillen or the Boyne. And the colours? Well they’ll have to keep to next year.

 The Twelfth of July is cancelled. This year it goes 10th, 11th, 13th of July. There will be no 12th. The Orange Order have officially made the decision which was all but inevitable in light of the public health crisis, and the decision is a commendable one on their behalf. The news of cancellation reverberatedContinue reading “It won’t be worn in Derry, Aughrim, Enniskillen or the Boyne. And the colours? Well they’ll have to keep to next year.”

Covid-19, the Rapture and the Mid-Ulster prophet.

“Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from god; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God” -1 John 4:7-8.  Anyone particularly au fait with the bible may know the above verse and recognise it as one of the book’s teachings about the supposed enormity and pervasiveness of God’s love profferedContinue reading “Covid-19, the Rapture and the Mid-Ulster prophet.”

Belfast – Perspective

“Trick or Treat, Sir”. The students of an all-boys school in Belfast taunted their new substitute teacher on Monday, November 8th, 1993. His years in the North had diluted his Limerick twang into a mild, soft Irish accent but it had not gone unnoticed by his class. Noses like bloodhounds, they sniffed out the flyContinue reading “Belfast – Perspective”