PUP U-Turn.

The twitter bubble of Irish politics has been nothing if not intriguing over the past month or so. The Barry Cowen fiasco, Super Junior Ministers pay rise, Eamon Ryan nodding off during a vote, Richard Bruton showcasing his 6 pack and, of course, “the brits being at it again” as the Guardian attempted to commandeerContinue reading “PUP U-Turn.”

The UNSC – It ain’t good for much

Recently my colleague at North South Perspective and the team at The Progressive Brief published a report on the Seanad entitled, “Reform or die.” The gist I caught was that the Seanad must reform or face indefinite ineffectual peripherality within Ireland’s bicameral parliamentary system. The report raises and tackles a number of valid critiques fromContinue reading “The UNSC – It ain’t good for much”

“I fought the law and the law won”.

The current pandemic has enabled me to do a great number of introverted activities, including reading, writing, and listening to a huge array of music. Last night, I found myself heavily invested in some music of the 1960s and stumbled across the Bobby Fuller Tour classic – I fought the law. A song that hasContinue reading ““I fought the law and the law won”.”

A closer look at the EMI Red C Poll of Ireland.

On Thursday 30th of April, European Movement Ireland hosted a webinar on their annual poll regarding the relationship between Europe and Ireland – The Red C Poll. On the panel there were two highly distinguished guests that joined the Executive Director, Noelle O’Connell in the shape of RTE’s Europe Editor, Tony Connelly and Eisenhower Fellow,Continue reading “A closer look at the EMI Red C Poll of Ireland.”

Is a seat at the table worth destroying the Green Party?

If being in government isn’t easy, then being in coalition is extremely tough, which means being in coalition sandwiched between Micheál Martin and Leo Varadkar would be utterly excruciating. Daniel McConnell of the Irish Examiner alluded to the fact that many FG members would jump at the chance to regroup in Opposition and start performingContinue reading “Is a seat at the table worth destroying the Green Party?”

Sinn Féin booked for bridesmaid & Fine Gael’s magnificent 7.

Poor old Sinn Féin. The biggest party on the isle of Ireland and still locked out of government despite the giant strides they have made. Yes, the “anything but SF” battalion have cast aside their differences and, along with a couple of Independents, will likely make up the next Irish government in an historic coalition.Continue reading “Sinn Féin booked for bridesmaid & Fine Gael’s magnificent 7.”

Former Fine Gael member gives Dr. Leo one last call.

Leo is finishing the dregs of his 5th iced vanilla macchiato with cinnamon dusting of the day. His first day back in the medical profession in years has been a testing one. It’s 16:57. 3 more minutes and he can go home to Matthew, put his feet up and finish off the final 2 episodes ofContinue reading “Former Fine Gael member gives Dr. Leo one last call.”