Trump: The personification and epitomisation of contemporary U.S diplomacy.

For many, the English lexicon fails to provide strong enough adjectives to adequately depict the emotions stirred by the 45th U.S President and Commander-in-Chief, Donald J. Trump. I for one would have chartered myself amongst this many, the man repulses me, perplexes me and indeed, outright fucking annoys me. These emotions I attribute to himContinue reading “Trump: The personification and epitomisation of contemporary U.S diplomacy.”

Could Johnson’s diagnosis strengthen the Tories?

I recently had a difference of opinion with a friend on whether or not people should be wishing Boris Johnson a speedy recovery in his battle against Coronavirus. Perhaps in some misguided sense of morality, I asserted that people should hope that the PM gets better and returns to leading the country as soon asContinue reading “Could Johnson’s diagnosis strengthen the Tories?”