North South Perspective was started with the aim of sharing our opinionated take on the current political landscape, we pay attention to politics all around the world, but place a particular emphasis on UK and Irish politics.

Our podcast, North South Podcast, was developed to provide a platform to students, academics and professionals involved in the world of politics, to air their own thoughts and perspective in order to encourage healthy debate on relevant topics, however big or small.

We publish articles throughout the week as well as our Sunday Piece wherein we try to look more closely at the biggest political topic of the last seven days.

Follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with our content. Our podcast is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

North South Perspective was founded in April 2020 by two students on the isle of Ireland, one based North of the border in Belfast and one South in Cork.

Charlie Power (left) is a BSc Government student at University College Cork. Philip Smyth (right) graduated from Queen’s University Belfast with a BA in International Politics and Conflict Studies, he is now currently studying an MA in Violence, Terrorism and Security at the same institution.

To get in touch, email us at northsouthperspective@gmail.com

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