The Hokey Pokey Draft Agreement

Thrown to the wind for a couple of months due to COVID-19, the Brexit boomerang has come home once again, covered in bird shit, battered beyond belief and in the hands of one of the most incompetent PMs ever. Ah, it brings you back. 

The standard patriotic verbatim was duly rolled out once again, “Britain never has been, and never will be, bullied easily”, wrote Dehenna Davison MP in her best efforts to administer a hefty dose of morphine into the veins of a nation sobering up to the reality that BoJo & Co haven’t a baldy about what is going on. Davison, who is 27, is very keen for the readers of the Sun to know that Britain won the war and won’t lie down for any German. Even if the new bill with the EU breaks international law, it’s the Brussels bullies that are the bad guys. From oven ready to never ready, and still, little Britain is the victim and should break free from their self-imposed shackles. 

Source: ABC News

But we shouldn’t be all that surprised Vote Leave government made up of Raab, Patel, Gove and those of a similar persuasion are quite comfortable when it comes to violating laws. This violation has cost Whitehall another of its most senior civil servants in the shape of Jonathan Jones, adding to the body count that includes Mark Sedwill, Philip Rutnam, Simon McDonald, and Jonny Slater. Perhaps the master plan is to string together such a plethora of cock ups that the cream of the crop in the civil service are forced to escape the burning building of UK administration. Although Jones did not explicitly say why he chose to leave Whitehall, it is plainly obvious that if a senior lawyer operating in the public service jumps ship, that he does not want to be complicit to the government of the day breaking the law.

Bog standard Tory droid, Brandon Lewis, described the international treaty as a “special treaty” when pressed by the slightly more polished Tory droid, Theresa May, today on the floor of the Commons. The former PM put it to the Secretary of State for NI that more changes to the withdrawal agreement could damage their international reputation, the irony of course being that the UK’s reputation currently lies firmly in the gutter.

What comes next is unclear, the changes to the NI protocol have been branded as “unwise” by Simon Coveney and you can forgive the EU if they do not receive this most recent turn of events with a warm embrace. There is no telling what the government that pressed for Brexit, won Brexit, shot down May’s deals, made their own deal, won an election, voted through the deal into legislation and now intends to alter it once more will do next. Failure to “tie these loose ends” will result in another embarrassing U-turn, something that Johnson can’t really afford. One thing is for certain though, that Brexit is back, baby. It’s here to dominate our timelines, threads, newspapers and conversations for the foreseeable future again. Nostalgia is rampant. 

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