The hypocrisy of Trump’s woes.

“The silent majority will reign!” or so is the cry emerging from a wounded, limp and lingering Trump campaign. The man whose infamous spell in office has been driven almost exclusively in the interests of securing reelection, according to his former national security advisor John Bolton, is having to come to terms with the fact that he will not get re-elected come November. As the polls swing robustly in favour of his opponent the jig looks to be up – but The Donald will not go quietly. 

I have, in a previous article, outlined the groundwork Trump is doing to ensure any Democrat success come November can be decried illegitimate. No doubt in the days following November third we will see a slew of block capital tweets from the White House crying foul-play. Trump’s fascinated with mail-in voter fraud, a phenomenon after being subject to much academic and statistical inquiry, has been found to be practically non-existent. Despite this non-existence, his delusional and dangerous campaign trundles on, crutched upon the premise of blind-eyeing his inevitable and welcome downfall. 

Source: PolitcusUSA

The hypocrisy of Trump sobbing illegitimacy however, should not be lost. Let’s not forget, that if there are to be seeds of illegitimacy come November, more than likely they will the found once again below the feet of Mr. Trump, whose 2016 campaign was significantly boosted by foreign interference. While we can’t say that such a goal was a directive of Trump himself or his campaign, we can say that he undoubtedly benefited from it, so how can he be so desperate to bring discussions of electoral misconduct back into the conversation? The simple and almost reassuring answer in terms of the election, is that it is all he has. He’s struggling. In 2016, Trump rode upon a surge of discontent aimed at the institutions held responsible for the struggle of everyday Americans. But now he is that source of discontent, the past four years have been nothing shy of an executive shit-show. Tweet after tweet. Press briefing after press briefing. Impeachment grounds after impeachment grounds. 

Robert Mueller determined that the goal of foreign interference in 2016 was, “to damage the Clinton campaign, boost Trump’s chances and sow distrust in American democracy.” There is of course no better way to sow distrust in a democracy than to place at the helm of it a man who will attempt to disenfranchise and discourage electoral participation through whatever nefarious means he can, and that man has proved to be, Donald J. Trump. The cherry on top of his spoilt cake, will be if he rejects a democrat victory on the grounds of electoral interference or fraud, but unless such accusations are directed at his own campaign, they will bare little credence. It is a classic example of the boy who cried wolf, except in this case the man crying, is the wolf. 

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